What Pay Can You Expect From Working Online?

Whether you’re looking for a full time or a part-time job, how you’re paid for your work and when you’re paid can vary considerably. In this post we look at the different ways online marketing and SEO companies pay their staff.

First, let’s look at the different payment types

The money you get paid for work can be calculated in a number of different ways by your employer. These payment types typically include:


Getting paid a fixed salary for working online is quite rare but if you can find a company that will pay you a fixed salary you’ll be in a unique position.

For example, you’ll be able to calculate exactly what you earn every day, week, month and year. This is usually based on working a certain number of hours each week.

While this is a positive for many people, sometimes it’s not the best situation. For example, you won’t be able to be flexible with your working hours and if you’re unable to commit to a fixed number of hours every week you’ll quickly need to seek another job.

Another scenario where being paid a salary might not be the best fit for you is if you’re good at producing results, such as sales. In this scenario the best type of payment type would be a lower hourly pay rate job with a higher commission payment scheme for every sale you make.

Hourly rate

As the title suggests, you’ll earn a set amount for every hour that you work. The more hours you work the more pay you’ll receive.

Ideal for when you want to work more, or for when you can’t.

Piece work

There are some jobs where you’re paid a set amount for every unit you produce. The more units you produce the more you’ll be paid.

In marketing terms, a “unit” might be every landing page you produce, or every piece of content you produce.

Typically, a “piece” or a “unit” would be something of value to a business that you can produce an unlimited quantity of.


Mostly linked sales jobs. You receive a share of the sales you make. Commission is often paid in addition to a salary or hourly rate.

However, be wary of any job that offers to pay you in commissions only. You could find yourself working a lot of hours and never making a sale – meaning you’ll never be paid!

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