This review is being written with the help of one of our readers from the USA, as the 25Clicks.com service is only available to people who live in the USA with a valid USA Cell Phone number.

As we’re not based in the USA we can’t write this review directly, but we can report on what we’ve been told directly and the additional research we’ve done.

So, if you live in the USA read on to find out if 25Clicks.com is worth working for.


USA based ONLY!

As mentioned, but to avoid any confusion or doubt, 25Clicks.com will only work for people who live in the USA and who have a USA cell phone number.

There’s no cheating the system either, by using a VPN or a fake phone number, as 25Clicks.com require proof of ID and address before they accept you.

So if you are NOT from the USA, don’t read any more of this review as the 25Clicks.com service simply will NOT WORK for you!


So, you’re from the USA – how does 25Clicks.com work?

Basically you will receive a text message 1 or 2 times a day. Each text message will have a link in it for you to click on.

Clicking on that link takes you to a task to complete and every time you complete the task you’ll be paid a fixed rate of 25 cents.

This means, if you receive the maximum of 2 text messages a day, you’ll be able to complete 2 tasks a day and earn a maximum of 50 cents a day.

Otherwise, it’s just 1 text message a day, meaning you’ll be able to complete 1 task a day and earn a maximum of 25 cents a day.


What are the tasks?

All tasks involve something to do with a website, such as:

  • Clicking on a website link.
  • Looking at different pages on a website.
  • Sending a screenshot of a website on your particular phone device.
  • Reporting on a live-chat response time on a website.
  • Doing a Google search looking for a particular website and reporting on the search position of that website.
  • Watching a video on a website.

As you can tell, the tasks are relatively simple and are all designed to help website owners improve their websites.


How quickly do you have to complete the tasks?

You are typically given a few days to complete every task, or until the maximum amount of people have completed the task.

We assume that this means each task has a “maximum budget” and once that budget is exceeded people can no longer complete the task.

For example, if the maximum budget was $1000 and they pay $0.25c every time someone completes the task, a total of 4,000 people can complete the task.

Therefore it’s recommended to complete the tasks as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.


How are you paid?

25Clicks.com make payment very quickly via PayPal every Friday 1 week in arrears. This means if you complete work from 1st January to 7 January you will be paid on 14 January.


What could you earn every week / month?

If you complete the maximum of 2 tasks a day @ 25 cents per task here’s what you’ll be able to earn
2 x $0.25c = $0.50c per day.
$0.50c per day x 7 days = $3.50 a week.
$3.50 a week x 52 weeks in a year = $182.00 a year.
$182.00 / 12 months in the year = $15.16 a month.

So the maximum you’ll earn a week is $3.50.
And the maximum you’ll earn a month is $15.16
Meaning the maximum you’ll earn working a whole year is $182.00


Do they really pay? What about customer service?

Our reader reported that they really did get paid from 25Clicks.com

We also have read lots of research on Google that proves the majority of people get paid.

Our reader has no need to contact customer support for any issues, but from our Google research people are very happy with the customer support they received if they had an issue.

So overall, it looks very positive for 25Clicks.com


Our final thoughts about 25Clicks.com

It’s clear that you’ll never make any real money with 25Clicks.com. Think about it as earning 1 coffee or McDonald’s a week. Although the idea of $182.00 extra a year does sound good if you can complete 2 tasks a day for an entire year.

It’s also clear that 25Clicks.com are a 100% legitimate company.

However, it’s a real shame that only people in the USA can work for them.


Our Rating

Quality Of The Company and Job
A fantastic company with excellent customer support and high-paying tasks. Just a shame there’s not enough tasks per day.


Completely free and no fees for being paid-out. Top marks here!


ONLY available to people in the USA makes it very limited.


Lots of people report the support from 25Clicks.com being fantastic. Top marks here again!

Overall, we CAN HIGHLY RECOMMEND 25Clicks.com ONLY if you live in the USA.