Rakuten Insight

Rakuten Insight is a relatively new Micro-Task service for people looking to work online that focuses on people taking paid surveys to earn money.

It was previously called AIP Online Surveys until bought out by Rakuten.

Rakuten are a Japanese mega-corporation and you might have heard about Rakuten before as they sponsor Barcelona Football Club, meaning they’re no small player in terms of business.

So let’s dive in and see what happened when we worked for Rakuten Insight


There are 2 ways to earn with Rakuten Insight

The first way to earn with Rakuten Insight is to complete surveys.

The second is to refer people to join Rakuten Insight so they can complete paid surveys.

Sounds fairly straight-forward so far.

We therefore applied to work for Rakuten Insight and had to complete a really comprehensive profile about ourselves. They want to know almost everything, from how many people are in your family, to what you like to eat and when you go to bed. It’s a lot of information you have to give away to Rakuten Insight but apparently it helps them match your profile with surveys you’re going to complete.

After completing our profile we were accepted in to their panel and were ready to complete surveys.


With Rakuten Insight you don’t look for surveys, surveys look for you

The difference with Rakuten Insight compared to other survey sites is that you have to be invited to complete surveys with Rakuten Insight. That means you can’t complete as many surveys as you want, you have to wait to be asked to complete surveys.

We worked for Rakuten Insight for 2 weeks and in that time only received 9 survey invites. So in 14 days we got 9 invites – which isn’t a great ratio.

With this in mind, our advice would be to use Rakuten Insight alongside another Micro-Task service so that you aren’t waiting around for long periods with no work to complete, as with Rakuten Insight we simply don’t feel you’ll get enough work to earn a living from.


If there aren’t enough surveys, is there enough pay?

The short answer here is no.

From completing 9 surveys we earned just $3.79. To withdraw our money to our chosen payment method there is a minimum cash-out amount of $5.

However, each survey only took around 2 minutes each to complete. So based on completing 9 surveys we estimate we worked for around 18 – 20 minutes.

If we calculate that we earned $3.79 for 20 minutes worth of work, our hourly-rate would be 3 x $3.79 = $11.37

This is a fantastic hourly rate, but assumes you’ll get enough surveys every hour to make that high hourly pay-rate.

Unfortunately the reality is you won’t get enough surveys per hour, so you’ll never earn that.


So what are our final thoughts about Rakuten Insight?

This is a really tough question, because we really enjoyed completing the surveys and for the short amount of time they take you’ll earn a good amount of money completing each survey.

Unfortunately, what really lets the service down is that you will never get enough surveys to complete.

So while Rakuten Insight is 100% a legitimate service we can only recommend using it alongside another service so that you’re not waiting around for long periods of time without any work.


Our Rating

Quality Of The Company and Job
Easy to complete and high paying surveys are great, but unfortunately there’s long periods of time without any work.


100% free and no hidden charges or fees. Highly recommended.


Only available in 15 countries to-date making it quite limited in availability.


A comprehensive FAQ section, automated robot chat bot and then the promise of human support via email offered makes Rakuten Insight feel well supported.

Overall, we CAN DEFINITELY RECOMMEND working with Rakuten Insight due to high paying and enjoyable surveys, just be aware there will be long periods of time without any work.