UHRS – Universal Human Relevance System

UHRS (which stands for Universal Human Relevance System) is a platform that allows people to complete small Micro-Tasks on their platform. It’s open to people worldwide and is used by many other companies such as Clickworker (Read our review of Clickworker by clicking HERE), Appen (Read our review of Appen by clicking HERE), Teemwork.ia and OneForma as their Micro-Task platform of choice.

One of the major benefits of the platform is that it provides non-voice jobs, meaning you don’t need to ever make a phone call while working on the platform.

What does UHRS work involve?

UHRS was built initially to improve how search engines work. Specifically, to make them more intelligent by using human intelligence to judge and rate different aspects of how search engines work with the ultimate goal to make those search engines more intelligent.

Basically, you judge things the search engines produce in order to make the search engines better.

Then, you get paid for making those judgements.


Can anyone work for The UHRS?

Yes, anyone in the world can work using the UHRS.

However, you must pass different English tests and other tests the UHRS sets before you can begin.

Passing the tests isn’t straightforward, and many people are rejected.

Additionally, you may need a bank account located in a specific country or a PayPal account that can accept payments from UHRS. If you don’t have those you also won’t be able to work using the UHRS.


What you will be paid

There are so many tasks on the UHRS with different ranges of pay. However, typically each task is paid a range from $0.02c to $0.25c per task.

We worked using the UHRS for a few weeks and found that on average we made around $10 per hour.

Having conducted research we’ve found that some people can earn upwards of $15 – $20 per hour, but most earn less.

Additionally, many people report that while some months are good for earnings, there are also many months where there’s a lack of work available and therefore a severe reduction in income levels.


Is there enough work to make a living from?

Following on from the last sentence above, no, there isn’t enough work to make a steady living from using the UHRS.

Ultimately, this type of work should be seen as an additional income method (also known as beer money) rather than a reliable way to earn a regular income every week / month.


What else do others say?

Feedback is extremely mixed for people using the UHRS. Some people love it and only use this one platform to make their money, while others complain it’s too unreliable and challenging to make it worthwhile.

One of the major complaints we regularly see is that being chosen for the available work is too hit and miss. Meaning people often spend the majority of their time applying to complete the work available, rather than actually completing the work itself.

Another complaint is that the work that is performed is judged too harshly – which often means it’s rejected and the person who has completed the work doesn’t get paid. On occasions those people are also blocked / banned from ever working for the platform again.

In our opinion, it’s a little too harsh but when it does work people do make a good income from it.

Finally, we’ve also read that making an income during August and September months is especially difficult because of contract negotiations that go on between the UHRS and companies who use it.


The bottom line

The UHRS is a perfectly legitimate way to make money working online completing Micro-Tasks, but in our opinion it’s just not ideal for most people due to the complexities and operating processes the platform uses.

Give it a go for yourself, and if you’re accepted to work using the platform AND are accepted to complete enough Micro-Tasks then you’ll likely be able to earn a good amount of money every hour.

However if you’re not accepted or can’t get enough work then it’s definitely time to consider another company to work for.


Our Rating

Quality Of The Company and Job
The quality of the overall service and the job is very good. Tasks can be complex and require lots of research. However the frequency in which you’ll be chosen to complete work isn’t consistent enough.


It’s 100% free to work using The UHRS so we have to give a top rating here.


Anyone in the world can work using the UHRS, but you still have to pass multiple criteria to be accepted. In our opinion, it’s just too complex to be given a good Availability rating.


We’ve had no direct issues with the support team but have read lots of people saying the levels of support are poor and the judgements by moderators are extremely tough. We therefore have to give the Support rating a 50 out of 100.

Overall, we can RECOMMEND working with UHRS.