Browsing for new Online Jobs led us to a company we’d never heard of – Lionbridge

From looking at their home page, we honestly would have never know this was a place where people can work online from home. Their homepage looks like just another big city corporate site full of buzz-words and business speak.

In fact, as websites go, it’s pretty horrible. Dark grey backgrounds with white text, black and white images and far too many capital letters throughout the site.

However, our role here is to review the online jobs they provide – not their website.

So without further delay, let’s review the Online Job Lionbridge are offering.


What do Lionbridge do?

Lionbridge say they are a company committed to helping their customers master global customer enablement by bringing them the next generation of enterprise outsourcing.

Whatever that means… As mentioned earlier – business speak.

From what we can tell from others experiences working for Lionbridge you will be doing various small tasks (which are often known as Micro-Tasks) such as website testing, data entry and data research.

Lionbridge then take every task completed by hundreds of people and combine it all in to one overall project for their clients.

Confused yet? We were, but we wanted to give it a go so we applied.


28 days later…

We completed what we felt was quite a comprehensive application process. This started by having to basically create our Resume / CV on their website.

After 3 weeks we were then contacted out of the blue saying we were “provisionally” being offered the position of “Internet Assessor” and our hourly rate would be confirmed on receipt of a non-disclosure agreement.

We sent off the non-disclosure agreement and waited.

28 days later and we’ve heard nothing. We can’t even get a response to our emails.
At this point we gave up and decided to write a review based on our limited experience and from gathering the opinions of others.


OK, so we didn’t get a job with Lionbridge. What about others?

From what we have read completing the non-disclosure agreement isn’t the end of the application process.
There’s a complex online exam to pass next. To pass it you have to read and learn a 157 page document.

157 pages! For a job that we have been told offers around $3 – $7 an hour.
No thanks.


What else did we find out?

Unfortunately, nothing good – and we’re not just writing a negative review because we didn’t get accepted. It’s what everyone is saying.

For example, you have to do 60 days worth of work before you get paid. 60 days! For an extremely low amount of pay doing a very tedious job. A tedious job you can only get by passing a highly complicated exam with questions from a 157 page document.

Is it worth it? Almost certainly not.


Support – we don’t ROAR about it…

Sorry – couldn’t help but throw in a lion joke there.

On a serious note however, lots of workers across various Internet forums have said that response by email from the support team and team leaders is slow. Accounts are suspended without warning. Payments are often delayed or not paid at all. Just look at the screenshot below…


But isn’t the company legitimate?

Yes, they are. That’s what we can’t get our heads around. It’s almost as if they are using the fact they are a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq with annual revenues that hover around half a billion dollars as a VALID REASON to treat home-based workers badly.

Even though our application was ignored we couldn’t NOT write a review after reading everything we found online.


So which is it? A SCAM or not?

Truth is, we don’t know. We would just advise extreme caution if you choose to work with them.

On one hand they are a publicly traded company, on the Nasdaq and also on Forbes list of the “100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America”.

On the other hand, there are hundreds of people who have worked for them who have been seriously let down.

The two images below show the difficulties we faced when writing this review.

Our Rating

Lionbridge seems to exude quality, yet in practice it appears they regularly exploit and let the people who work for them down in an unforgivable way.


Lionbridge is free to work with, but you will lose so much time even just with the application process. All to earn between $3 – $7 an hour. As the phrase goes, “time is money”, and therefore our rating here has to be low.


Availability Rating – From our experience you will be VERY LUCKY to get started with Lionbridge. The application process is clearly stated as 3 weeks – then the long wait to find out if they even respond to your application.


Support Rating – No response to our attempts at communication. Others report slow to non-existent response times. Another 0 rating here.

Overall, we DO NOT RECOMMEND Lionbridge, despite them being a GENUINE company.