A new CPA (Cost Per Action) Job Site

In this review we will be looking at a new Cost Per Action job site that allows you to work from home and get paid by promoting businesses online using Social Media.

For those who do not know, a “Cost Per Action” site is one that pays you a small amount every time you complete a simple action, or task.

For example, you could get paid $0.25c every single time you Share a Post on Facebook with your friends. The cost is $0.25c and the action is to share a Facebook Post with your Facebook friends.

Why do companies use Cost Per Action (CPA) advertising?

The answer here is simple, it’s an effective way to mass-advertise and promote posts (which are often adverts) to a wide audience online and on Social Media.

So, let’s find out about The Word of Mouth Marketing Network

The Word of Mouth Marketing Network appears to be a new service located in the United Kingdom with an additional office in the USA.

There is a considerable amount of evidence provided showing evidence of a range of reviews from others who have been paid by this service.

It appears that transparency is key here due to the vast amount of information provided.

However, what we found a little strange was that The Word of Mouth Marketing Network are based in the United Kingdom, yet everything is in US Dollars. We can only assume their website team have not been able to set up the website to accept multi-currencies yet so perhaps they are targeting the worlds most popular currency in the US Dollar?

Does it cost anything?

After using the service, we can report that we have NOT been charged anything to use this service. Also, we have not been “encouraged” in any way to spend anything.
Normally, most work-from-home sites will have some sort of “VIP” or “Upgraded” membership where if you spend some money you can potentially make more money.

This is not the case here.

One of the points promoted throughout The Word of Mouth Marketing Network website is that the service is 100% free and that you will never be asked for any money.

What does the work involve?

The work is all based on completing micro jobs. Most jobs involve sharing Facebook posts to different Facebook groups or posting adverts that include website links.

What you are promoting to begin with is The Word of Mouth Marketing Network’s own advertising service. Their company also offers this method of advertising to businesses all around the world.

However, you have to prove that you can be an effective promoter for The Word of Mouth Marketing Network’s own advertising service before you get the opportunity to promote for these other companies.

Once you have proved that you are an effective promoter you can earn a lot more money in a much shorter period of time by promoting a wider-range of companies.

What can you earn?

On their website, the home page says they are “Hiring Digital Marketing Assistants” and that you can “Earn up to $15 an hour”.

From what we have found out, there appears to be 3 ways to earn using this company:

1) Earning a low amount (often as little as 10 cents) for every Facebook Post you share or Advert you post online.
2) Earning a random amount (often between 1 cent and up to 10 cents) every time somebody clicks on a website link you have posted alongside an advert.
3) Commission payments – with a flat $50 being paid every time a purchase is made coming from an advert you have posted alongside a discount code that is unique to you.

So, to earn $15 an hour you would have to:
1) Complete 50 Micro-Tasks (so effectively post 50 adverts) @ 10 cents per advert to earn $5
2) Generate 100 website clicks @ 10 cents per click from the adverts you post to earn another $10.

Combining these two methods of earning make it perfectly possible to earn $15 an hour, and possibly more if you are a dedicated promoter.

What we also liked was that what you could earn and what you would be paid for every task was clearly stated throughout the website. Once again, transparency appears to be the key factor here in encouraging promoters to use this service.

What are the negatives?

So, no online job / work from home opportunity is without its flaws and The Word of Mouth Marketing Network is no different.

The main negative we found was that earning money using this service can be quite a slow process.

For example, you are paid every time you post an advert BUT you are specifically told not to SPAM adverts. The NO-SPAM rule is understandable as not only could your Social Media account be blocked for SPAMMING but also the website links you are promoting can be blocked for being SPAMMED to frequently. As The Word of Mouth Marketing Network provide all the website links at no charge to the promoters it’s understandable why they are cautious about their services being SPAMMED. Plus, potential customers don’t mind seeing adverts, but they hate SPAM, and SPAM can do more damage to a business than it’s worth.

So, if you post 20 adverts in an hour, which each advert you post paying $0.10c then you would only earn a guaranteed $2 per hour from this.
(20 x $0.10c = $2)

To increase your earnings you NEED to generate website clicks and commission payments.

We found from posting 20 adverts (which earned us $2) we earned another $13.42 via website clicks. It took us around 3 hours to post those 20 adverts so in 3 hours we earned $15.42. That’s just over $5 per hour. Not quite the earning potential of up-to $15 an hour which is claimed on their website but not a bad amount regardless.
We also have to remember that people may click on the original adverts we posted days, weeks or even months after we originally posted them – and we will STILL get paid for the website click. This is our recurring income so we may revisit this review in a few months time to see what we earned from website clicks a month or two later.

The other negative we found was that website clicks are only paid after someone has been on the website for longer than 20 seconds. This information is made clear and it’s to avoid automatic clicks from robots etc. Also, a payment is not made if the same person / same IP address visits the website again – again to avoid automatic / repeat clicks from robots etc. This is quite common but makes earning money from website clicks just a little bit harder.

Would we recommend working with The Word of Mouth Marketing Network?

Despite the negatives, yes we would absolutely recommend this job. It’s ideal for anyone who needs to work online to earn a bit of extra money. It’s a no pressure site with no SPAM, no pop-ups, no sales tactics, everything is free and everything is so clear.

You are promoting genuine services and doing some honest work for some honest pay.

Our Rating

Quality Of The Company and Job
The level of transparency provided by this company and about the job is excellent.


Totally free so we have to give a top rating here.


The fact that you will be able to start promoting within seconds makes this another top rating.


Live chat offered via Website and Facebook, plus with maximum 12 hour response times promised make this another excellent rating.


Overall, we can RECOMMEND working with The Word of Mouth Marketing Network.

This recommendation is based on us seeing a live example of the system and from existing promoters recommendations.