How to Choose a Company to Work For

Choosing a Digital Marketing / SEO company to work for is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when deciding to work online. Get it right and you’ll work with a company who will deliver on their promises, provide fulfilling work and most importantly pay you what you’re worth.

However, get it wrong and you could end up wasting you time and wishing you’d picked better.

Therefore it’s far more important to find a good company who can offer you a clear path to success, rather than just a “menial job”.

These tips can help your job search and help find the perfect company for you.

Start With What Interests You

Before searching for companies to work with, choosing an specific industry role should be your starting point.

For example, if you’re interested in affiliate marketing it makes perfect sense to find companies within that industry. This will not only ensure that you’ll be interested in the type of work affiliate marketing requires, but you’ll build industry expertise that you can carry from company to company.

Or, if you love the daily tasks of SEO (such as link building) you would find different companies within the SEO industry.

Find a “Niche” or an “Angle

Simply saying “I want to work in SEO” often isn’t enough. You need to specialize! For example, SEO is a broad job, so following on from the example given in the previous point you might want to pay particular focus to link building (also known as building backlinks).

Having a “niche” or an “angle” can give you a clear advantage when looking for a job in your chosen field, because if you can demonstrate that you can do one thing exceptionally well then the chances are you’ll be great in other areas of the job too!

Make a List

Once you know what part of Marketing you’re interested in, imagine the type of job you’d really like to have and write down what’s truly important to you.

For example, is money your main motivating factor? Or is building a portfolio of work? Or is working with a team you enjoy dealing with every single day critically important to you?

By making a list you’ll be able to match different companies against what you’ve said is important. That way, you’re more likely to end up working with a company that will be truly be a good fit for you.

Always start with a larger list, and just like most things, be prepared to compromise in order to find the perfect job fit for you.

Found a Company You Want To Work With? Research Them…

The internet can tell you everything about a company you want to work with, so once you’ve found a company it’s time to do your research.

Scrutinize everything on their website, find out who owns the company, find out who works for them, see what reviews they have, see what others think.

Doing your research can be the difference between choosing a great company or making a great mistake!

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