The first warning – you don’t actually process any emails!

Before getting into the details, perhaps the most important thing to note is that the Email Processing 4 Cash system has nothing to do with “processing emails”—or anything else for that matter. Instead, it is an internet marketing system where you earn a $25 commission for every person you enroll in the program.


The second warning – a big F (for FRAUD in our opinion) from the BBB.

Email Processing 4 Cash appears to hold an F rating with the Better Business Bureau (see more about this in the final section), and online reviews are no better. Some of the most common complaints include being upsold additional products (such as website building/hosting) in order to begin making money, and the fact that you’re not actually selling a product or service.


So what do you actually do with this business?

Here are the basics of how Email Processing 4 Cash works: After paying your enrollment fee (more about this in the following section), you’ll then be enrolled as a “member.” According to the company’s website, you’ll be ready to begin earning in three simple steps:

Step 1: Set Up Your EPS Website – If you have experience designing/coding websites, this should be relatively easy, as the information appears to be mostly text-based. If you’d like the company to set up your website for you, they can do so for an additional fee.

Step 2: Choose a Payment System – This is where your $25 commissions will be sent. Email Processing 4 Cash currently only accepts PayPal and Payza.

Step 3: Post Your Ads – The company’s website claims you’ll just need to post three ads per day in order to start bringing in money. To help you with this process, the company provides a relatively extensive amount of reference material, including pre-written ads, tutorials on how/where to post, top cities for ad traffic, headline ideas, marketing strategies, and more.


So basically, you make money by scamming others…

In reality, you’re not processing emails, nor would you be selling any product or service—essentially all you’ll be doing is convincing other people to sign up for the program, and you’ll earn a $25 commission as a result.


Refund policy – there isn’t one!

It appears that no refunds are offered, as there is no refund information included on the company’s website.

We have also had reports from others that they can’t claim a refund either.


It gets worse…

After entering “Email Processing 4 Cash” into the Better Business Bureau website’s search engine, it returned information about a company based in Houston, TX.

However, at the top of the Email Processing 4 Cash website, it displays the name Jeremy Joseph and a 401-837-0418 phone number, which is based out of Rhode Island.

When we entered this phone number into a search engine, it returned URLs for additional internet marketing sites such as and

Taking a look at the website’s Privacy Policy, it would appear that Email Processing 4 Cash is a sub-company of When we attempted to visit this URL, we only found it to be a blank page. We than attempted to revisit the site using several different browsers, which returned the same result each time. However, after searching for online reviews, this company has an overwhelmingly negative reputation, and has all the appearances of being a scam itself.


The bottom line

Is Email Processing 4 Cash a scam? Based on our research, the company displays all the “red flags” that are indicative of a scam, including very vague information about what the program entails, misleading information (e.g. there is actually no “email processing” involved, and extremely limited information about the company. As a result, we would strongly recommend choosing another more legitimate source for earning income through internet marketing.


Our Rating

Quality Rating – Considering there isn’t actually a product or service to offer, we can’t even give a rating!


Price Rating – $25 isn’t a lot of money to lose to some, but it’s still enough to feed a family!


Availability Rating – Easy to get started with, but we still give it a low rating because of WHAT you are getting started with!


Support Rating – Fake company details and no refund policy means another 0 rating here!

Overall, we do NOT recommend the EPS business if you want a job working from home.